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Latitude 64

Opto-X Chameleon Flow - 2022 Clint Calvin Team Series

Opto-X Chameleon Flow - 2022 Clint Calvin Team Series

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Speed: 11 Glide: 6 Turn: -0.5 Fade: 2

"Flow is not only a staple in my driver line up, but also a constant reminder of balance, timing, and rhythm. I would describe the Flow as a max distance driver with the control of a fairway. Having a slightly neutral stability, the Flow can be used for a huge variety of shots and will have a softer fade at the end than a typical high-speed driver. Flow is an incredible distance driver that will provide you with control, and some ridiculous distance."
​- Clint Calvin

Flow is a high-speed driver with good glide and could be described as a mix of Latitude 64's Halo and River. It has a domey top which gives it good lift and glide. The rim is quite sharp and comfortably wide for the grip (22mm.)

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